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Class Descriptions

Vinyasa -- Tune into your body as you flow through yoga postures, breath-to-movement. We give our teachers creative freedom so no two classes will ever be alike.  Heated to 95 degrees. All levels. 

Power -- Longer holds with a focus on alignment. We'll focus on building strength, perfecting postures and advancing the practice. Heated to 95 degrees.. All levels. 

Deep Flow + Myofascial Release -- The yin to your yang. This restorative class will focus on deep stretching while incorporating myofascial release tools. We'll build a mind-body connection through long holds and deep breathing techniques. This class is ideal for endurance athletes, workout junkies or anyone who needs a little TLC.  Heated to 95 degrees. All levels. 

Fusion -- This class combines all our offerings at Sweat into a 45 minute, full body workout. With elements of yoga, Pilates, barre and HIIT, you'll get your heart rate up while working every single muscle. Each workout will be totally different, but challenging nonetheless, and is perfect for anyone looking to amp up their existing routine or introduce themselves to new workouts. All levels welcome; heated to 95 degrees. 

Barre -- Combining isometric holds, light weights and barre props, you'll feel the burn in ways you've never felt before. You'll work your entire body, with a focus on core, legs and glutes. Don't worry - no dance experience required! All levels. Our evening Barre classes our heated to 95 degree, while our morning class is unheated! All levels. 

Pilates -- Lengthen and tone your muscles while working your core like never before in our  mat Pilates class. Our mat Pilates classes incorporate flexibility, strength, alignment and breath while utilizing props to take your practice to the next level. Suitable for all levels; heated to 95 degrees, unless specified otherwise. 

Sunrise Yoga -- Rise and shine with this energizing class. We'll combine elements of power and vinyasa yoga, allowing you to feel grounded as you prepare for the day ahead. Start things off on the right foot with a little self-care! Heated, 95 degrees. All levels. 

Yoga 101 -- This is a non-heated class that is suitable for all levels, but especially friends for beginners or those needing to give their bodies a rest. Each practice will include a short centering segment with breathing exercises, warm-up stretches, and standing and seated yoga poses. Modifications will be provided to either deepen a pose or make it more accessible. The class will finish with Yoga Nidra, which is a guided mediation that promotes deep relaxation and reduces insomnia and anxiety. You will also learn the power of setting an intention or sankalpa in your practice, which has a way of manifesting if you practice regularly. Nonheated; suitable for all levels (beginner friendly). 

Lunch classes at Sweat -- All of our lunch classes are 45 minutes, allowing you to take a break from the stress of work and move your body. Research shows that exercising over the lunch break gives you more energy, increases metabolism and can alleviate aches and pains from sitting throughout the day. Sitting is the new smoking, so get out that mat and meet us in the studio!  All of our lunch classes are non-heated, allowing you to return to work. We do provide complimentary toiletries so you may freshen up though!

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